These pages contain print-sheets and instructions for building a 1:250 scale, 60s/70s vintage, coastal bulk freighter, the Emiliana Torrini.  The “Emiliana has Macgregor chain-pull hatch covers and "come-along" cargo derricks.  It can be built as a waterline model or as full hull model. 

It’s a nice looking ship. 



 I have really enjoyed building the free ship models out on the internet (especially Roman Detyna’s fine Digital Navy site).  So this model is giving back to the community for all the fun that I have had.  . 

This is a moderately advanced model.  You'll need to be proficient in the basic skills of paper modeling (exacto-knife use, gluing, painting the edges).  But there is nothing too delicate here. 

This model uses some slightly exotic techniques.  They should be fun for you to try out if you have not run into them before. 

§         Sandwiched parts (to get color on both sides)

§         Two-sided printing

§         Making parts (in this case, the underwater portion of the hull) out of solid paper.  (This is really kind of fun!)

§         Making parts from paper-worms.  (Like the modeling-clay worms you made as a kid.)

§         Making parts from spit-wads. 

§         Wetting and deforming flat parts into concave surfaces.

§         Building assemblies around needles

§         Using railing-jigs and to build Cyanoacrylate-impregnated-thread deck-railings

§         Using rigging-templates to build Cyanoacrylate-impregnated-thread rigging. 

The print-sheets are provided as PDF-Files (for easy printing) and additionally, as GIF-Files that you are free to edit with your favorite graphics editor.  If you know how to use a graphics editor, you are encouraged to:


Nestor Menar from Brooklyn used the GIF-files and modified them using Adobe Photoshop to backdate the freighter to one built perhaps in the Fifties.  He based his changes on pictures downloaded from a shipping auction site where they sell used freighters. Here are some pictures he was kind enough to send of his stunning ship named the Dearheart.

Dearheart Rear Starboard Quarter

Dearheart Larboard Quarter

Dearheart Cargo Deck  

Dearheart Aft


If you build the Emiliana (or a version thereof), send me some pictures!